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Free Web Counter version 1.0

I deleted all counters with a count of zero. If yours was once of them, you'll have to create it again. Sorry.

Click if you forgot the name(s) of your counter(s).

This counter was an experiment to learn how Perl's library works. If that doesn't make sense to you, don't worry about it; it doesn't need to. The product, however, may be useful to you. It's free, it will keep getting better and better as I learn more, and it's free. To use it, just set up your account (it's free) and insert the following code in your HTML (make sure you replace x, y and z with real values, see below for details):

You are visitor:
<a href="" target="_blank">
<img src=""
    alt="Click here for your own FREE counter!" align="absmiddle" border="0"></a>
It will look like:

You are visitor: Click here for your own FREE counter!

Email address:
Name your counter (don't use spaces!):
I only ask for your email so that you can get your counter name if you've forgotten it or want to reset your counter.
I won't email you or give your address to ANYBODY. I promise.


That's it. Here are the current available options (a * means that the option is required).
Separate options with an & (ampersand).

Option Usage/Example Description
account* account=mycounter This is where you enter the name of the counter you wish to use. This is a required command. It can be any name you want. Just be sure to use the same name every time or it won't count right. That should be obvious.
style style=blue This command is optional. Pick the style of numbering you want. Currently, you can pick from odo (default), blue, lcd, punch, red, or west. Anything else will be rejected. Here are what the styles look like:

Odometer (odo, default):

Blue (blue):

Brush Script (brush):

LCD (lcd):

Punch Label (punch):

Red Marquee (red):

Westminster (west):

length length=6 Choose the length (in digits) of the counter. The default is 5. That would mean that the counter would be 5 digits long. Make sense?

If you forgot/want to make changes...

If you forgot the name(s) of your counter(s) or want to reset or modify one or all of them, put your email address here.

Email address:

Counter written by Brad Lenahan
Comments, questions? Email him at